How to Order Talk@tee

How to Order

How to Order a Talk@tee Shirt

Ordering a talk@tee shirt is pretty easy. Just browse through our albums then click on the thumbnail of the design you want. An Order Form will then appear beside the image and the price of the shirt. Just click it, fill out the required information, then submit to this email

How to Pay For Your Talk@tee Shirt

There are several ways to pay for your talk@tee shirt. Depending on what’s more convenient for you, you can pay us either through BDO, BPI or Western Union accounts. We all just send you a private message regarding the payment details. Once the transaction has been completed, kindly send us a text 09172763683 or send us email at, so we can confirm the receipt of the payment and send the item you purchased to you. Please note that transaction fees may be charged by the company processing the payment.

How to Claim your Talk@tee Shirt

Talk@tee shirts can either be picked up or delivered. If you live within Mandaue City or its neighboring towns, we can do meet up in JMALL Center @A.S Fortuna St. Mandaue City to pick it up. However, if you are from a different area, we can have the item shipped to your address. Our default courier option is LBC but if you prefer another company feel free to tell us so. Corresponding shipping fees will apply.

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