How Can I buy talk@tee shirts?

Please refer to the  How to Order Form section for the procedure in buying a shirt 

How much do your shirts cost? 

It depends on the color of the shirt and the size of the print. Please check our PRICING GUIDE for more details.

What are your payment options? 

We accept payments through our Banco de Oro (BDO) and BPI accounts. Just send us an e-mail or private message and we’ll provide the account details to you.

What sizes and colors are available?

Please refer to the All About Our Shirts album for the available sizes and shirt colors.

How can I get my shirt?

It depends on your location. If you live within Cebu City, you or your authorized representative can pick up the shirts you ordered at JMALL Centre A.S Fortuna Street Bakilid, Mandaue City. If you can’t pick up the shirt, we can also send it at the address you indicated in the order form through a courier. Please note that corresponding shipping fees will apply for this.

How soon can I get my shirt? 

We will immediately process your order/s as soon as we receive the payment. After this, the standard Turn Around Time for deliveries can be expected within 5-7 working days. 

What if I need my shirt delivered right away?

We can arrange to have the shirt sent by Express to you. However, this may cost additional charges depending on the rates set by the courier.

What if the Turn Around Time has elapsed and I still haven’t received my shirt?

If the standard Turn Around Time has elapsed and you still haven’t received your shirt, just get in touch with us and we’ll coordinate with the courier to track the status of the package for you. 

I can’t see the name of my preferred courier on your list. Can I have my package shipped by my preferred company?

Yes. We have our default courier but we can have your package sent by a different company. We strongly encourage you to choose the one whose services you’re most confident of, though.

What kind t-shirt does talk@tee provide?

As of the moment, we are using unisex and ladies’ cut CVC shirts for our talk@tee products – the type which fits our tropical climate.

What t-shirt printing method does talk@tee use?

We use the Heat Press printing method.

What is the difference between Silk Screen Printed Shirts and Heat Press Printed Shirts? 

Heat Press printed shirts are comparatively faster and easier to print than Silk Screen. The designs can be printed in full color using heat press compared to the limited colored designs using silk screen.

Would I get any discounts if I buy several shirts at the same time? 

Of course! We offer 8% discount for every 20 shirts purchased and 10% for 30 shirts and more. This may occasionally change depending on the complexity of the design, but you can compare prices by checking the additional information provided under the images.


Hotel Amenities will be delivered in boxes according to the quantities ordered. Detergent powder will be delivered in sacks while Liquid Cleaning Solutions are in gallons. Shipment to the rest of outside Cebu will be charged according to your chosen courier or forwarder. Cebu customers however, enjoy free scheduled deliveries for bulk orders or meet up at JMALL Centre A.S Fortuna Bakilid Mandaue City.

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