All about the shirts


How to take care of your Shirt?

Shirts may not like diamonds that last forever, but you can extend the lifespan of your shirts by doing the following:

Wash the shirt by hand – Using a washing machine to wash clothes may be a lot easier, but all that pressure and spinning around will take its toll on your clothes, wearing them out faster than you normally would.

Use natural methods to dry the shirt – As much as possible, try to use natural methods to dry your shirt. A blow dryer or electic iron may produce faster results during emergency situations but they can end up shrinking your shirt or stretching it past its natural size.

Do not bleach the shirt – Bleaching agents are not essentially bad, but they can cause consideralbe damage on your shirt if not used properly. Ifyou must bleach your shirt, try to use the midest bleaching agent possible. Batter yet, use natural materials to remove stains from your shirts such as lemon, vinegar, or salt and water mixture.

Always iron the shirt inside out — Like using bleaching agents, ironing your talk@tee shirt isn’t necessarily a bad idea. The fabric itself is relatively safe to iron, but the print may not prove to be as tough as the former. If you really must iron the whole shirt, turn it inside out first and use as little heat as possible. Avoid direct contact with the front part of the print.

*Different fabrics have different reactions to stain removers. Before you use the exmpales mentioned above, try to see if it will be save to use on your shirt by using the stain remover on a tiny and inconspicuous portion first.

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